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Ryan Robinson, PhD-1.jpg

Ryan Robinson, PhD

PhD in Counseling Psychology

University of Oregon

MS in Counseling, Family and Human Services

University of Oregon 

BA in Psychology

San Diego State University

License: Washington DC (PSY1001200) 

Therapeutic Approach

My approach to therapy is relational and psychodynamic. I believe the therapeutic relationship is an important factor in the process of reaching your therapeutic goals. This is why a primary focus of mine is to build a strong therapeutic alliance with support, validation and acceptance.  It is through building a trusting relationship that we can begin the process of deepening the therapeutic work. I strive to create a safe and warm environment where individuals can begin to identify, challenge and eventually change maladaptive relational patterns


I believe that our life and cultural experiences, especially our earliest ones, are fundamental in shaping the way we view ourselves and others. It is essential to understand my patient's cultural identity (i.e., race, gender, gender identity, sexuality, class) and how it has shaped their development. Often negative life experiences can create problematic ways of coping and a skewed perception of who we are in the world. This can lead to a variety of issues related to anxiety, depression, shame, rejection, stress, relationship issues, identity development, grief/loss, and sexual intimacy. 

Through in depth psychodynamic therapy, we can begin to challenge these patterns in hopes of providing relief and creating a new way of being with yourself and others. ​


  • Identity Exploration (racial, gender, sexuality)

  • Life, career and relationship transitions 

  • Coming out

  • Interpersonal issues

  • Grief and loss


  • Individuals and couples

  • Ethnic-racial minorities

  • Multiracial/Biracial, Mulitcultural/Bicultural

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender individuals

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